Woven Anima pants and shorts



So in my last post about the Anima pant pattern I showed you my two latest knit versions which are probably the most worn clothes in my closet (hmm what does that say about my love of comfort haha). Today I wanted to show you what this pattern looks like in a woven material. My knit versions are all a size XXS so for a woven I was going to have to size up. To decide what size to make I checked the finished measurements for the waistband. I compared this to my hip measurement to make sure I would be able to get them on and ended up with the M.


These pants were made a few years ago as maternity pants. I tried to avoid buying “maternity clothes” for the most part as I knew I wouldn’t get much use out of them. At that stage skinny jeans were my go to for casual outfits and there comes a point during pregnancy where your old skinny jeans refuse to go past your hips (sad face).

Instead of ankle cuffs I lengthened the leg length slightly and sewed a deeper hem creating a casing which I threaded some elastic through.


These have been my go to pants through two pregnancies and even though I’ve always thought of them as my “pregnancy pants” I’ve actually been wearing them a fair bit when not pregnant. The elastic waist makes them super comfortable and they sort of feel like a bridge between skinny jeans and culottes. I’ve recently come around to the idea of culottes (only about three years after everyone else!) and am hoping to make a pair soon (I’m thinking either the Ninni or Winslow culottes but am open to any suggestions if you have them?)


Late last year I came across a pair of high waisted Gorman (an Australian clothing brand) shorts with an elasticated waistband that I rather liked the look of. I knew there was no way they would work on my petite frame and started keeping an eye out for sewing patterns I could use to try and replicate the look. I didn’t have any luck until one day I was wearing my woven Animas and realised the silhouette was actually quite similar.


Seeing as I already had the pattern I decided to have a go at some pattern hacking. While wearing my pants I measured how long I wanted the inseam and side seam to be, as well as how much higher I wanted the waistband. I ended up adding 1 inch to the top of the pants to make them higher waisted. I measured the appropriate length on the side seams and inseam on the front and back pattern pieces and drew a new straight hemline. I used a 1.5 inch hem allowance and folded the new pattern piece up to make sure the line where I would be stitching the hem would match up. I ended up having to change to shape of the side and inseams.


I also reduced the length of my waistband elastic by 2 inches to account for the smaller circumference of my waist compared to my hips where I normally wear my pants.


Both pairs are made out of a tencel from Spotlight which has lovely drape and is very comfortable to wear. In these pictures I’ve paired them with another recent make, the Maya top by Marilla Walker patterns. I was inspired by Lisa from Tessuti fabrics and her blog post late last year outlining the simple modifications she made to this already gorgeous pattern. In short she added an inch to the centre front and back, extended the sleeve length by a few sizes, added a cuff to the sleeves and used a bias binding for the neckline. I followed her modifications except made the size one and lengthened the sleeves to a size five.


I’m completely in love with this top and have been wearing it non-stop. The linen is so cool and breathable and it’s been perfect for the Australian summer. I bought it from the Fabric store except haven’t been able to get there in person recently (Melbourne is a few hours away) so did a phone order instead. I was on the phone for literally five minutes with one of the lovely girls from the Melbourne store and a few days later my package arrived.

This top is such a quick and satisfying make, and I’m planning on making some more by the time next summer rolls around. Happy sewing xx

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