Anima pants


I actually can’t remember how long ago I bought the Anima pant pattern by Papercut patterns. I’d guess it was maybe five years ago? When it arrived I oohed and ahhed over the gorgeous packaging then it got added to the stash without being made.

A couple of years later I made my first pair out of an interesting bonded jersey from the Fabric Store. They were super soft, but unfortunately this fabric didn’t really have enough recovery so the knees kept on bagging out every time I wore them. Oh well they’re still perfectly wearable so I’ve just turned them into pajama pants instead.


My second pair was made out of some super soft modal from Guthrie and Ghani which was so well loved they literally wore out. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I get home from being out and about I always change into “loungewear” ie trackies and knit tops. Particularly as I’ve gotten older I value comfort more than ever so knit garments are my go to for when I’m at home.

For my two most recent pairs shown here I’ve used French terry and ribbing for the ankle cuffs and this is definitely my favourite fabric combination for these pants. My blue pair is made out of a lovely French terry and matching ribbing from See you at Six fabrics which I purchased from the lovely Leslie at Fibresmith. I love dropping in whenever I’m in Melbourne – it’s such a gorgeous selection of sewing and knitting supplies.


I bought the fabric for my orange pair from Wattle Hill fabrics, a new to me online store based in Queensland. They have a great selection of knit fabric so I’m pleased to have stumbled across them. I feel that the matching ribbing really brings them up a notch and plan to continue using ribbing whenever I can in the future.

Being extra petite (150cm tall) pants are ALWAYS too long for me. Being able to make my own clothes which fit me properly with the right proportions is truly one of the best things about sewing. I ended up shortening them by five (!) inches and I’m really happy with the length on me. I’ve also shortened the height of the cuffs slightly as I feel that suits the new length better.


I did find the elastic insertion method a bit fiddly (instead of inserting elastic into a casing they suggest overlocking the elastic to the top edge of the waistband before folding it over and topstitching) but it does mean that the elastic is evenly distributed with no chance of twisting. Using lots of pins helps achieve a neater result and I have also started using a narrow zigzag to topstitch the waistband down.

So can we talk about pockets and how great they are? And also how unfair it is that for some reason women’s clothes often don’t have useable pockets while men’s generally do (grr!) Anyway, if you’re in the market for a good knit pant pattern I would certainly recommend the Anima pants. I’ve gotten heaps of use out of this pattern even making some woven versions which I’ll talk about in my next post. Happy sewing xx

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