I’ve been following sewing blogs for years now and they have been a huge part of my sewing journey. They’ve given me so much inspiration and knowledge and I’ve always thought “one day I should start a blog too!” As so often happens these sort of thoughts get pushed aside by more pressing matters but I’ve gotten to a point when often if I’m posting something on Instagram I feel like the caption isn’t enough. I’d also like to document my sewing progress and thoughts in more detail so there’s no time like the present to get started!

This is my first year doing the make nine and I’m rather late to the party but here it is:

1) True Bias Ogden cami

via True Bias

No surprises here, this cami has been hugely popular ever since its release, and for good reason. I’ve been considering buying this for ages now but am not a fan of taping PDFs together so was pretty thrilled when it was released in printed format. It seems to be a somewhat magical pattern suiting a wide variety of fabrics and body shapes, and requires such a small amount of fabric too – winning!

2) Closet Case Patterns Sasha trousers

Sasha trousers
via Closet Case patterns

When Heather released this late last year it was almost exactly what I had been searching for. Since having our first child the ol’ body shape has definitely changed and my work appropriate pants were no longer fitting properly. Being a sleep deprived mother I’d already tried the easiest option of RTW to fill the “work trouser” hole in my wardrobe – fail! Being extremely “vertically challenged” shall we say (150cm or 4’ 11”) means that I generally have to buy the smallest size in RTW. Small fluctuations in weight = a noticeable difference in how my clothes fit. A combination of running around after my toddler + lots of walking cause he would only nap well in his pram have meant I’m now too small for most of my usual brands. Thank goodness for sewing – soon I should have work pants that fit properly yay! Being so short has always been a huge motivating factor for my sewing – when clothes are designed for someone a good 7-8” taller than you are the proportions are generally waaay off for me – funny that!

3) Grainline Studio Archer shirt

graineline archer
via Grainline studio

Probably one of my all time favourite patterns. I think I’ve made five different versions now. I loved my first one so much I ended up wearing holes in the underarm seams and after darning the holes numerous times I had to admit defeat and let it go. I did however salvage the buttons and they are currently happily residing on another Archer. I remember making my first ever one and feeling that there was no way I was going to be able to pull it off. I perservered (cause I’m stubborn like that!) and by following the excellent tutorial on the Grainline website and the famous four square walls collar tutorial somehow I made a shirt! Such a confidence building project to complete but totally doable for advanced beginners, in my opinion.

4) Liesl and Co Gallery tunic

gallery tunic
via Oliver + S

I’ve made this one already out of a long stashed voile from the Fabric Store. It was quite a revelation when I discovered the Fabric Store. So many swoon-worthy and garment appropriate fabrics in the one spot. There was a point in my life a few years ago where I would always leave with something every time I visited but I’m now a lot more considered about purchases in general so will only buy if it’s something I really love and I know what I want to use it for. This particular fabric was bought several years ago in Brisbane so I’m glad my tastes haven’t changed and that I’ve finally used it!

5) Thread Theory Fairfield button-up

fairfield shirt.jpg
via Thread Theory

Thread Theory Fairfield button-up: M (also known as dear husband) is pretty ruthless with his clothes. He probably buys clothes like twice a year (seriously!), wears them heaps, then replaces them when they’ve worn out. This makes for a fantastically “curated” wardrobe (read: minimalist) but he’s now in a situation with work where he needs some “smart casual” things to wear on a regular basis. Confession: I’ve had this pattern for years now but still haven’t made it. M is lucky in that he fits into RTW pretty well so it’s easy to buy shirts for him so there’s no rush for me to make a Fairfield. I’ve been promising him one for years though so we’ll see if this might be the year that I finally come good on my promise.

6) Thread Theory Jedediah pants

jedidiah pants
via Thread Theory

See above on M needing more smart casual clothes. I did actually make him a pair of Jedediah shorts a couple of years ago which he wears a lot (bless his heart!) I think they suit him very well but my main roadblock is finding appropriate material – I’ve been on the lookout since his last pair and haven’t found anything good just yet.

7) Oliver + S Sketchbook shorts

 Oliver + S Sketchbook shorts (original image)

I’ve been a huge fan of Oliver + S patterns for years and years now, way before I had a kid of my own to sew for. I’ve always loved the Oliver + S aesthetic and bought quite a few of them even though most of the patterns are definitely not unisex. Of course we ended up with a little boy (who I’ll refer to as W) so the majority of my collection isn’t appropriate for him but luckily we have several friends with girls so they’re great for gifts! The drafting is impeccable, as are the instructions. They really are like sewing lessons in a pattern with so many gems scattered throughout the instructions. When I started sewing with Oliver + S patterns they really advanced my sewing skills and knowledge and I’m so grateful to have discovered them.

8) Oliver + S School Days coat

Oliver + S School Days coat (original image)

M and I are both fans of Paddington bear and we can’t wait for W (our little boy) to get into Paddington I’m not sure whether to make a little Paddington coat for W this winter or next – am thinking maybe waiting another year will mean he won’t wear through it quite as quickly?

9) Figgy’s Banyan trouser

Figgy’s Banyan trousers (original image)

I’ve had this pattern in my stash for a very long time and to be honest had forgotten about it. When I dived head first into Felicia’s blog in the middle of a brief but intense knitting obsession (unfortunately cut short by wrist issues) she had a post raving about the Banyan tee. I thought “hey I’ve got that pattern somewhere” and promptly made up a few Banyan tees for W. I traced out the pants pattern at the same time (I’m definitely #teamtrace – how awesome is the love to sew podcast by the way?) and have got some gorgeous Irish linen ready from Fibresmith (such a gorgeously curated store!) to turn into some Banyan pants.

So there were some thoughts on my 2018 make nine interspersed with some random bits and bobs about me and my sewing practice. Thanks so much for reading and I’d love to hear about your make nine or just sewing plans in general! Happy sewing xx

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